In Honor of Caregivers

Caregivers are those individuals who give of themselves selflessly to provide quality in the life of another. The interesting fact is that the relationship between a caregiver and the one they care for is often a win/win situation. Each gives back to the relationship in varying degrees, thereby gaining a new understanding of life through the eyes of another. So often in the world today we interact with a technological instrument that has no human responsiveness. With caregivers they carry on the humanity of our culture in connecting with the true beauty in life – that of another human being.

Costs for Long-Term Care Identified In New Study

New research has just been conducted by Northwestern Mutual to show the various types of long-term care and their resulting costs geographically throughout the US. This is of particular interest for the retiring baby boomer population.  As  people age they often encounter conditions that require some daily assistance . Understanding the types of long-term care and their resulting costs can help with planning for later life. Planning for this  potential outcome is critical as Medicare does not pay for long-term care.

According to this research is important in the  understanding of accessibility and affordability of different types of care  services by geographic location. The findings help consumers make informed  decisions about their long-term care options and costs, which may allow them to  stay in their homes or within their local communities in the event of functional  limitation or cognitive impairment.

With New Horizons In-Home Care we can serve individuals in their homes with medical as well as non-medical assistance. A person can often identify specific needs and access that assistance without having to move from their home. The amount of assistance can be as little as one(1) hour a day depending on the need. Care managers are able to help identify those needs and develop a plan for someone which is cost effective and provide needed help.

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Read more: Cost of Long Term Care Study, November 2011 – Northwestern Mutual

Revisioning Retirement Seminar Series

New Horizons In-Home Care  and LTC Associates will begin our 2012 Seminar Series on Wednesday, February 15th. from 5-6 pm in our Eugene office at 1345 Olive St.

 The February topic will be:

Will Medicare Pay For My Long-Term Care?   

Speaker: Kim Kelly, LTC Associates

Join us in learning more about how an individual can pay for long-term care from an expert in the field.

According to the AGEWAVE research center “The unpredictable cost of illness and healthcare is by far boomers’ biggest fear. They are three times more worried about a major illness (48%), their ability to pay for healthcare (53%), or winding up in a nursing home (48%), than about dying (17%).

Refreshments will be served. For Questions and RSVP call – 541-687-8851


Vesta Play presented by Hospice of Sacred Heart

We are proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming play, Vesta, presented by Hospice of Sacred Heart. The play is being presented on February, 4,10,11,17, and 18 at 8:00 pm. With a Sunday matinee on February 19th at 2 pm. Location: Upstart Crow Studios, 855 W. 1st in Eugene. Contact 541-242-8755 to order tickets. Tickets are $15 each.

“Vesta is a witty and fiercly independent woman who confronts the challenges of living with illness her way. This play provides humor and sensitivity for a very difficult time in all of our lives.”

The play was written by a Spokane resident, Byron Harnetiaux. This play will bring to light for anyone attending, the importance of understanding the last part of the life cycle that many of us will go through and share with others.

Come join us.

Additional information can be viewed on this link



Bring your pet to work day!

We have a lot of fun at our Eugene office! On Fridays, we bring our pets to work! We’ve got everything from Great Danes to kittens! Even a couple turtles!

Here’s a picture of Betty’s puppy, Gaya the Great Dane!

Betty's dog Gaya, and a day at the office!